The Benefits of Outsourced HR Services

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Why would you want an outsourced HR consultant? What can they do for you?

Simply put, outsourced HR provides your company with access to a high level Human Resources professional without paying the salary of a full time high level Human Resources professional.

To illustrate, many small businesses do not have a full time CPA on staff to handle their tax filings. They pay an outsourced high level tax professional to help them with their obligations. They similarly do not have full time cleaning help on staff. Rather, they will generally have an outsourced cleaning agency perform the required cleaning tasks according to a predetermined schedule.

An outsourced HR professional acts in a similar manner. The HR professional would conduct an assessment of your company’s HR needs, and offer services commensurate with those needs.

You don’t need new workplace policies written every day. You don’t need guidance navigating challenging employee situations every day. You are not updating job descriptions every day. You are not benchmarking employees and re-evaluating compensation structures every day.

However, when you DO want to do any of those things, you want access to an HR pro that can help you do it the right way.

You want the peace of mind that if you get a letter in the mail from a scary government agency you will have nothing to fear. You want the security of knowing that your pay practices are compliant with Federal, State and Local laws. You want the confidence of knowing that your workers are classified correctly as employees or independent contractors, and are being paid in accordance with relevant wage and hour laws.

When those odd workplace situations arise – and you know they will – you want access to a professional that will help guide you through it without having to fear that you’ll do or say the wrong thing.

Sure, you can keep an attorney on staff. You never know when you may need one. Or you can save that expense, have an outsourced HR pro on retainer, and let the HR pro tell you when to call the attorney. You’ll save a whole lot of money like that.

So, why would you want a relationship with an outsourced HR pro? In short, to ensure security and peace of mind that your workplace is operating effectively, in compliance with relevant workplace laws.