Employee Handbook

Importance of an Employee Handbook

You’ve heard of something called an Employee Handbook and you know that big companies have them. But you never thought that a company of your size needs one. Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “We’re not so formal. We all get along. We’re basically a family. Why do we need rules? It kills the vibe.” And […]

The Benefits of Outsourced HR Services

Why would you want an outsourced HR consultant? What can they do for you? Simply put, outsourced HR provides your company with access to a high level Human Resources professional without paying the salary of a full time high level Human Resources professional. To illustrate, many small businesses do not have a full time CPA […]

Whose Team is HR On?

I have read so many articles about who HR represents – the employees or management. Some articles warn employees not to trust HR because they “really” work for management. They caution you to be careful about what you tell HR, they don’t have your back. On the other hand, employees want to believe that HR […]